Ahoy! We follow Blackbeard’s tracks with blackbeards and Visit North Carolina

Ahoi! Wir wandeln mit blackbeards und Visit North Carolina auf Blackbeards Spuren
Ahoi! Wir wandeln mit blackbeards und Visit North Carolina auf Blackbeards Spuren Bild 2

The most infamous pirate to ever ply his dreadful trade at the US Atlantic shores was Blackbeard. The coastal area of North Carolina served as his home base and still hosts magnificent artefacts showcasing important facets of his life: Blackbeard’s house in Beaufort is open for visitors and the Maritime Museum displays the remains of his sailboat. His name refers to the long, back beard which he nursed carefully and usually plaited when in battle…

To commemorate the 300th anniversary of his death we teamed up with German beard care specialist blackbeards and developed the campaign “NORTH CAROLINA – HOME OF THE LEGEND”. To bring the co-operation to life, our travel partner FTI Touristik developed a Blackbeard-themed trip which is given away among the campaign audience – or Blackbeard’s bearded descendants, to stay within the thematic frame. All information about the trip’s itinerary and participation in the sweepstake is provided on the central campaign microsite (German) for adventurous beard lovers and travel enthusiasts.

To activate the campaign, we produced an image video speculating about challenges in beard care 300 years ago. The wily video thus links ancient North Carolina during Blackbeard’s era with the current audience following blackbeards’ communication. From October 1st thru November 15th, the campaign is advertised and promoted through the partners’ online and offline channels.

Are you ready for the legend?
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